My Collection of Artist Books

As promised, here is the first in my collection of artist books. It’s been fun photographing it. More to come soon.

1. “Construction”, by Thom Walker, 3 hard-ground etchings spread over 6 pages and hand bound in an edition of 12

This is one of the first ever artist books I acquired. ( We actually did a swap). I love the intricate, illustrative drawings, and although I have had it for a couple of years I only realised when I looked at it to photograph it that each drawing leads on from the next, and I always notice something new whenever I look at it.








2 Comments on “My Collection of Artist Books”

  1. Charlie Saul says:

    A nice little book, such good illustrative drawing. How do we not see the plate emboss? was the paper trimmed inside the plate emboss? That is very interesting. hmmmm

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